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The GOP Will Raise Your Taxes

NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Democratic Party released the following statement today after tax experts confirmed the House Republican tax plan, supported by ALL Tennessee Republican members of Congress, would hike taxes on hardworking, middle-class Tennesseans and cut vital programs and services to pay for budget-busting tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires:

“Today’s analysis confirms [...]

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Black History Month: Honoring Tennesseans Who Made A Difference

Recommit to Progress Tennesseans Have Fought For Today we begin our celebration of Black History Month honoring the critical role African Americans have played in making our nation a more perfect union and our state a better place for all Tennesseans. … Continue reading

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Congressman Cohen Commemorates Veterans Day

Congressman Steve Cohen issued today the following statement commemorating Veterans Day, which is celebrated tomorrow, November 11: “Since the Armistice at the end of World War I, November 11th has been set aside as a day to commemorate those men a… Continue reading

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GOP Overreach

It’s crystal clear that Tennesseans have soundly rejected the extremist GOP agenda rammed through the state legislature this year. A new, statewide Vanderbilt University poll found that support for the Republican-led state legislature has “plummeted 20 percentage points since January.” The GOP honeymoon is over and Tennesseans are riled up like never before over lawmakers [...] Continue reading

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An Overview of the 2011 General Assembly

After just five months of Republican control in the General Assembly and the Governor’s mansion, things in Tennessee are getting worse. “How bad is it?” Wendi Thomas of The Memphis Commercial Appeal wrote. “It’s so bad I may have to say I’m from Mississippi.” In short, this year Republicans junked their promise to strengthen the [...] Continue reading

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Forrester Elected to DNC Executive Committee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Chip Forrester, the chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, accepted a larger role in the national Democratic Party Friday with his election to a governing body with national influence. Forrester will serve a term on the Democratic National Committee’s Executive Committee, the policy-making arm and governing body of the national party. Forrester [...] Continue reading

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FACT CHECK: Class Size Matters

HASLAM RHETORIC: Class Size Doesn’t Matter Gov. Bill Haslam says class size doesn’t matter. “Most studies have shown that class size is not as direct a relationship to achievement as people have thought in the past, that having a great teacher with 25 students is better than having a mediocre teacher with 18 students.” [Chattanooga [...] Continue reading

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The Jackson Sun: Voters will reject GOP over needless Medicare cutbacks

The Jackson Sun opinion editor Tom Bohs recently took Republicans to task for their vote to radically change Medicare into a vulture voucher system. The Paul Ryan, budget wonks say, would increase the out-of-pocket cost of health care for seniors by more than $6,500 a year. Sens. Bob Corker, Lamar Alexander voted for it. As [...] Continue reading

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Reps. Tim Wirgau, Glen Casada: Out-of-work Tennesseans, You’re On Your Own

Jobs aren’t the only thing you can’t find in Tennessee, we’re also in the middle of a major leadership crisis. Democrats won the fight to include jobless benefits for 28,000 Tennesseans in the final state budget, but it wasn’t without callous and incorrect dissent from Republicans. GOP Rhetoric: Rep. Glen Casada: “I would contend the [...] Continue reading

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Only one word can describe the latest move by the Tennessee GOP: Arrogance. On Thursday, the Tennessee GOP announced it would be running a statewide radio ad called “Winning.” The spot featured the irrational and senseless Charlie Sheen, who lost his kids because he abused drugs and alcohol and mistreated women. Is that what the [...] Continue reading

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